Peter Harholdt specializes in large format photography for museum books and catalogs.Nearly all photography is done on-site in the museums. Most photographs are made in 4x5 format. Also available are 8x10, 2 1/4 and 35mm.

A temporary studio, including backgrounds, lighting equipment and cameras, is assembled in a storage area or empty gallery. Objects are brought to the temporary studio by museum staff to be photographed. Objects that can't be moved are shot in-situ.

Peter collaborates with the museum publication and curatorial staffs regarding the intended use of each photograph. Polaroid tests are used to make adjustments in point-of-view and lighting before the final transparencies are exposed.

In most cases, a local professional photo lab is used so that the final results can be delivered the next day.

Estimates are provided on a piece rate, day rate or total project basis.